Documentary on small scale fishery – the blog

26 February 2018

We haven’t given news for a long time (the completion of a Ph.D. is to blame) but we are back! The trailer of the documentary is finished, now we just need to add french subtitles.

What’s next? We are going to Senegal from 7th March to 22nd March. We will film in Dakar and in Casamance. Nice pictures will be posted soon 🙂

20 February 2016

First step done: we found the perfect camera for the trailer footage. Compact, light, with good stabilizer and 4K image.

We also began to plan the trailer footage. It will take place in June, first on Rhodes Island, then on Tenerife for the symposium TBTI (too big to ignore) on small scale fisheries.

Now you can also follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

26 January 2016

Sorry, for now there is no news, but updates will come soon! Right now our first action will be to buy a good camera to do the trailer, and we are still looking for the perfect one 🙂

In the meantime, you can have a look at this video from our scuba-diving trip in Mayotte Island (it’s independant from the movie, but getting more views will help us show our network impact to potential sponsors!).

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