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Fishery Scientist, based in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, France

I am a French PhD student working on fish stock assessment in data-limited situation. I am passionated by everything related to the ocean: fish, fishery, sailing, scuba diving, under-water movie… I am president of the organization ACTIVOCEAN. Our main project is to make a documentary on small scale fishery management. The aim is to inform everyone of scientific, technical and social aspects related to this topic. I believe that passion makes everything possible, and I wish to share my passion.

You can all help us and be part of this project.


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Send me all your requests to contact@activocean.org


Software Engineer, based in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Mermaid 2.0, traveler, self-starter specialising in Video Games and project management, I am currently extending my knowledge to Film/TV production. As I also am new media savvy, my role at Activocean involves Web design & administration, Data input, Social medias operation and everything I could do to support the project. The documentary is an excellent match between science and media which aims at raising awareness about an environment I grew up in and want to be protected at all costs.


Engineer in fisheries science, based in France

Engineer in fisheries science, I have always been curious about everything related to human being and living world. Travels and journeys on boats widely stimulated my taste for photography.


Agronomist, based in France

I am an agronomist specialized in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Living by the sea, I have always been passionate by oceans, seas, travels and diving. Involved in some conservation projects especially linked to coral reefs and marine protected areas, I also got involved in concrete actions in Asia and Braziland. Daily involved with Oceandsea and especially with Activocean and its documentary project, I want to share my passion and raise awareness: without oceans and seas we would not be alive.


PhD Student, based in France

I am a PhD student specialized in the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems. I am very concerned by everything which belong to the position of the human being on the planet, his choices with the environment, and the responses of this latter. Furthermore I like the idea that Science could be shared and opened to people who have also something to say, because Science must be criticized and discussed, and not only among colleagues!


Civic Volunteer Service, based in French Guiana

After graduating from UPMC in 2013 in Oceanography and Marine Environment and from AgroCampus Ouest in 2014 in Fisheries Sciences, I am now working since April 2015 as a Civic Volunteer Service for the French Research Institute for the Exploration of the Sea in French Guiana. As an research associate, my job combines both field work (coastal fishery assessment and biological measurement of several species) and data analysis (multivariate exploratory data analysis of fish communities, species diet and sexual maturity stages). In love with the sea forever, I love scuba-diving, free-diving, snorkeling, or any activity that takes place in the water in general. With Activocean, I want to contribute and take actions to the promotion of sustainable and responsible practices of small scale fisheries that can be encountered in all the different cultures of the world.


Artist and Film editor, based in France

I spent 3 years in the school “École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts” in Nantes, where I learnt sound technique and video editing. Then I spent 2 years in the school Pivaut to learn how to draw in narrative form. In July 2013, I started my company nana’crylik painting drawing. I participated in the realisation of Activocean logo, and I will help for the video editing part.


Woofer, based in France

It has been 10 years now that I left my country, Venezuela, to change life and look for work in Spain. For 7 years, I have been a sport coach in Basque country. As I had a lot of free time, it was easy for me to travel. I started to enjoy meeting new people during my travels. One year ago, I decided to quit my job to change life again. I started to do woofing in France. I could therefore learn french and agriculture.


Natural Lands Manager, based in France

Passionated by nature since my earliest years, and graduated with a Master degree in management of the natural habitats and watersheds, I joined Activocean team to bring my naturalistic point of view as a natural lands manager. Throughout my studies, I had the opportunity to acquaint myself with the issues relative to conservation and restoration of aquatics ecosystems, in particular for diadromous fish. I’m currently volunteer in the regional nature park of Morbihan Gulf, where I monitor the avifauna of this maritime territory. Also fly-fisherman in my spare time, the global degradation of the marine and river ecosystems saddens me deeply and invites me to act in favour of recovering their well-preserved state.